Quick Restaurant

Multiple cases

Quick is a Belgian Burger restaurant that introduces new products during the year which they promote across the whole country. On this page you find the work on different briefs that we gathered.

With KFC opening their first chain in Belgium, Quick wanted to promote their range of chicken products. We came up with the campaing “Chicken above all” in where we literally and visually put chicken above all.
(kip boven alles = Chicken above all)


Social activation
During the month December, Quick wanted to boost their mobile app downloads. During a month when almost every brand is trying to bring families and friends together in an emotional way.

We found a solution for another problem during this month: People who are born in December often receive “combination presents”. A present they get for their birthday and Christmas, Sinterklaas or New year's eve.

Mega Giant launch
Quick’s icon is the 'Giant', a burger that comes with a circular wrap to keep the burger together. So when Quick wanted to introduce the 'Mega Giant', we came up with a campaign in where we first teased fans by communating the burger without showing the burger. Copy: “Only real fans recognize"

Later that week, we tactically placed extra prints (online and offline) in where we showed the burger itself.